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1Cellular Fluorinated Ethylene/Propylene copolymer - CFEPSolutions
2Cellular Polyethylene - CPESolutions
3Fluorinated Ethylene/Propylene copolymer - FEP (Teflon®)Solutions
5How many years have you been in business?Company
6I have faulty products, who should I contact?Products
7Polyethylene (Solid and Foam) - PESolutions
8Polymer AlloySolutions
9Polypropylene (Solid and Foam)Solutions
10Polyurethane - PPSolutions
11Polyvinyl Chloride - PVCSolutions
12Polyvinylidene Fluordide Copolymer (Kynar) - PVDFCPSolutions
13What are your opening hours?Company
14What is your refund policy?Products
15What products do you offer?Products