Our Partners

Provo is very proud of its numerous partnerships with industry leading manufacturers, each bringing specific products to the mission. At Provo, we are focused on doing what's best for the customer. This means engaging with our partners, standards organizations and others to deliver end-to-end solutions that meets our customer's needs – the first time, every time.
Arrow's reputation for quality performance, on time deliveries and complete shipments did not come easily but through the tireless dedication of its production, engineering and sales staffs.  ATX Networks provides quality, innovative products and services to meet the needs of the global Broadband Service Provider Industry including the Cable Television, Broadcast, Satellite and Telephone Industries.
Audioplex has anticipated the challenges one must face when planning and installing a custom audio system that will be dependable for years to come. That is why the company has designed its products to install more quickly and easily...for faster, cleaner and more reliable outcomes every time.
B&L has been a Canadian manufacturer of quality RF connectors for over 20 years. The company manufactures BNC, TNC, Twinax and 'N' Type connectors with most styles available in 50 and 75 ohm versions.
 A leading manufacturer of goods for the electrical and wiring industry.
 Well known worldwide for its innovations in video, voice and data, ChannelPlus is the number one brand of whole-house video distribution systems.
 DigiMAX® digital-ready splitters feature surge protection, 5MHz-1GHz bandwidth, low intermodulation circuitry for low distortion, optimum specifications, and stand-offs to increase air flow under the units.
DigiMAX® drop amplifiers are an exclusive, patented, tiered drop amplifier. New to the line is the active return model. The low-intermod amps feature 1, 2 and 4 port models all with GaAs technology. The design allows access to all connectors on one side of the unit. The amps offer 6kV surge protection with exceptional return loss and isolation in the return band. Stand-offs provide increased air flow under the units.

Easy Cover is the easiest, most efficient way to reduce messy, cluttered wiring configurations. With Easy Cover, you can organize numerous cables into one neat, single, no- mess solution. Easy Cover can be used in multiple applications such as home and office electronics, information technology, construction, heating and air conditioning, manufacturing, and much more.
Since its inception in 1953, Electroline's mission has been to provide innovative products that both improve operations and meet the evolving requirements of the cable telecommunications marketplace. Having emerged as a true leading manufacturer of integrated CATV service solutions, the Company currently offers six families of products which include broadband addressable tap systems, return path technology solutions, drop amplifiers, RF signal management tools for headends and hub sites, network status monitoring transponders, and passive CATV devices.
Honeywell's line of CMOS miniature surveillance cameras offer a combination of combination of compact size, sharp video imaging and compatibility with a variety of integrated surveillance systems
International Communications Manufacturing Corporation has built a reputation for innovation and outstanding service. We've been supplying the broadband industry with quality products since 1990. Today, ICM's five divisions - Cable Pro, Cableready, F-Conn industries, Powertronics and Home Integration Products - are ready to serve all your communications needs.
KEF manufactures high performance speakers for home cinema, hi-fi and custom installation applications. The four cornerstones of KEF's success over 35 years are quality, honesty, dedication and innovation. The company is professional from top to bottom.
 Logenex Innovations Inc. is a seven year old company that designs and manufactures cutting edge home and business security products. Company Principles have 25 years of security and telecom industry experience.
 Since their introduction in 1982, Labor Saving Devices tools have saved thousands of low voltage wire installers between 20% and 60% of their installation time, increasing their profit margins and/or their install/day percentage.
MAS Audio was founded by professional speaker designers and manufacturing experts with decades of experience working for other Hi-Fi companies in the US industry. The company's commitment is superb sound coupled with a LIFETIME warranty at very reasonable price levels – value driven sonic performance! 
MuxLab Inc. is a leading designer of value-added connectivity hardware allowing audio-video and data equipment to be connected via cost-effective copper twisted pair. For almost 20 years, the MuxLab brand has been synonymous with quality, performance and reliability.
NetMedia Inc. is a leading manufacturer in Video Distribution and Camera equipment, embedded micro-control products, and embedded Ethernet web products. Marketed under the NetMedia Video Products brand, NetMedia manufactures innovative video distribution equipment. Included in the video products are the single and TriplePlay™ modulators, CAModulators™ – the cameras with a built-in modulator, as well as our standard flush mount and indoor/outdoor cameras, available in both black & white, and color.  The Neutrik® Group is the leading manufacturer of professional entertainment connector systems. Neutrik® develops, produces and distributes state-of-the-art connectors, and has done so for more than 30 years. 
OpenHouse represents the next generation of products for home networks by offering a complete range of products that integrate telecommunications, entertainment, safety and home automation into a complete system solution.
Founded in 1977, Paladin Tools is the leader in tool development for datacomm and broadcast professionals. Paladin Tools is synonomous with industry firsts: the first crimping tool with interchangeable die sets; the first cable mappers as well as the first and only punchdown tool with a detachable light
Established in 1990 in Toronto, Perplas manufactures low-voltage surface raceways (ducts). The company's large range of products are sold by numerous distributors worldwide
Provoactive products are the result of searching the globe for new market demands, partnering with world class factories and investment in quality tooling for superior manufacturing. These products are designed specifically for the demands of the professional Canadian marketplace.
Provolume products are the fine result of partnering directly with world class factories and investment in tooling for superior manufacturing process. The assortment of products caters to the increasing market demand for distributed audio systems. Speakers, volume controls / keypads, selectors, cabling, amplifiers and various modules make this a strong center for building product solutions.
RHINO, a division of the DYMO Corporation, designs and manufactures easy-to-use and affordable professional-grade label printers for cabling contractors, security system installers, audio/video experts, facility managers, broadcast engineers and others to help them properly and securely label and identify the systems they install and/or manage.
Since the beginning of satellite distribution, Satellite USA’s team of engineers have been designing high quality products for both residential and commercial distribution systems. Now, Satellite USA is introducing a new line of products for the DirecTV® 5 LNB Ka/Ku band system. This new line of products is designed and manufactured in Germany ensuring that each piece of equipment meets the highest standards. Highly qualified employees in all areas of research, design, production and quality control ensure absolute reliability of all products. Look for more products supporting the DirecTV & DishNetwork® systems later this year.
TeleDoorBell is a unique set of products which meets today's growing security requirements while providing added convenience and safety.
The company strives to produce the best cable products for anyone serious about their home entertainment systems. Ultralink's goals are simple: to engineer and market the most intelligently designed audio and video products in the industry. 
Video Mount Products (VMP) continues to be a leading provider of mounting solutions for the video, audio and security industries. Its products consistently offer the latest designs in safety and flexibility and present an outstanding value. The company has expanded its product offering substantially by adding several mounting systems to address the increasing popularity of flat panel technology, both LCD and Plasma, as well as other growing segments across many markets. WireTracks® wiring channels are designed to be installed in both new and remodeling applications, but are primarily used for remodeling. They can be used for simple jobs such as getting wiring from the front of a home theater to the back or they can be installed to enable building owners to run wiring between any two points linked by connected walls.