About Provo Ltd.

Company Profile

We are one of North America’s largest and most established suppliers of electronic cable, wiring, CCTV, Audio/Video, and accessories across a broad range of industries. In particular, through top-notch service over the past six decades, we have carved the leading spot for ourselves in the security, automation, intercommunications and telecommunications sectors.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service, extensive inventory and product integrity really sets us apart in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace — just ask our satisfied customers coast-to-coast. Our customers talk, and we listen. At the end of the day, it’s all about our customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization, and at Provo we appreciate that.

Our History

We have a long and illustrious past, filled with accomplishment and success, based on our ability to deliver top quality products at market competitive prices.

Established in Montreal in 1958, the company had a simple mission … to be Canada’s premier supplier of electronic wiring, cabling and accessories. Since day one, the company’s philosophy was and still is to invest profits back in the company. That’s the key to our success. We recognize the need to carry inventory, and it’s this important differentiator coupled with our exceptional service that positions us so well.

As fast as we are growing today, we still continue to invest heavily in our inventory. We have massive buying power … all benefiting you, our customers. We pass on our discounts … no exceptions! Although our mission and focus have never changed, other things have. We have moved a few times, every move a strategic one. Each time to larger premises. Every move to accommodate business expansion. The hallmarks of our success have remained constant—exceptional products and service at reasonable prices. We have remained fiercely independent, and will always be independent. Our continued independence is based purely on our ability to deliver. And that’s something we are very proud of. Today, we still supply many of the customers we supplied almost three decades ago—that says something about our products and service!

Today, although we are headquartered in Toronto, we still have offices in Montreal with regional representation nationwide. Our Montreal operations support Quebec and the Maritime Provinces, while our Toronto locale services Ontario and western Canada.

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