Our Edge

Our more than 60 year successful track record, our vast inventory in Toronto and Montréal, as well as speed of delivery, is key to our success and clearly sets us apart from our competitors.

Vast Inventory

Our vast inventory is an attestation to our commitment to our customers. One can’t sell what one hasn’t got — it’s a very simple concept. Take a look though any of our catalogs. We guarantee we carry more than 95% of our cataloged items at any time. In our business, customers need our products today, not next week or next month. Again, speed of delivery is a simple concept — simple, yet it so clearly highlights the differences between Provo and our competitors.

Rapid delivery

Not only are more than 95% of the items we carry in inventory at any given time, but our shipping speeds are among the industry’s fastest — orders received before 3:00 pm eastern time are shipped the same day, with arrival guaranteed to major Canadian towns and cities in Quebec and Ontario the following day. Other Canadian cities are also shipped the same day by the quickest, most economical way using either courier service or transport companies. Of course if you choose to make your own shipping arrangements we will follow them to a tee. Our speedy shipping times are just another testament to our excellence in service. We appreciate the needs of our customers, and in turn our customers appreciate us, that’s the way we have built thousands of successful, endearing relationships — the old fashioned way — one customer at a time.

Competitive Pricing

Not only is service critical to one’s success, but our decades of experience in the cable industry, as well as our purchasing power makes Provo one of the most competitive in the industry. Size does matter. We are one of the largest distributors of our kind, and it shows in the way we price the products we sell. You see, we buy in huge volume, and because of this, we are able to pass these savings onto our customers. They are aware of this, and they appreciate it.

Companies offering excellent products at unaffordable prices flounder. On the other hand, companies offering cheap but poor products fall by the wayside. At Provo, we pride ourselves on offering excellent products at competitive prices.

Our Satisfied Customers Talk

It’s for that very reason we have not advertised in almost 30 years of existence — we recognize the best advertisement is a satisfied customer. Our satisfied customers nationwide speak loudly. Very loudly. And that is what we want. It is thanks to them we have grown into Canada’s leading distributor of electronic cabling, wire and accessories.

Provo Ltd is committed to ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a manner that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. For any concern or inquiries regarding this topic please contact us using the following link; Contact Us. Inquires will be answered within 24-48 business hours.

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