SynCable HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cable – 4K @60Hz 18 Gb/s c(UL-) – FT4 – 15m

Item Code: SW-HDMI-AOC-15M

  • Active Optical Cables use both copper and fiber conductors, for reliable long-distance transmission over a lighter and more flexible cable
  • No external power required
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • Orange+Black PVC housing with gold-plated connector
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  • Active Optical Cables or AOC’s are directional because of the conversions that are done at the HDMI heads
  • AOC’s provide much higher bandwidth capabilities than stranded copper cables and at farther distances
  • AOC’s can also reduce materials needed for installation by providing an alternative to running fiber cable to individual HDMI cables over fiber baluns
  • AOC's provide much more resistance to electromagnetic interference as well as lower latency because of signals being transmitted at the speed of light.


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