Provo Fiber 6F 50 MM OM3 T/B OFNP I/O Dist. FT-6 – Black

Item Code: PF-006MMTB-IO-P

Equivalent to GC-BE0061ANU-BK and PY-C1182-00-G3-006

33-Series Distribution Tight Buffer I/O Plenum Fiber Optic Cable

This versatile indoor-outdoor flame-rated cable design cables provides an effective solution for interbuilding and building transition applications utilizing field installable connectors.

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Outdoors in duct, indoors in the plenum space, tray installations

Applicable Documents

  • TIA/EIA FOTP Standards 455
  • Colour Coding of Fiber Optic Cables TIA/EIA-598
  • NFPA262
  • Compliant with ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 standard
  • ICEA S-87-640 Standard
  • RoHS compliant directive 2002/95/EC

Cable Construction Details

  • Tight Buffered Fiber Dimension: 900μm, Nominal
  • Tight Buffer Colour Code: As per TIA/EIA-598 standard
  • Cable Strength: Water swellable aramid yarns are pulled in with tight buffered fibers under the outer jacket
  • Overall Sheath: UV resistant remguard plenum rated polymer



Specifications for: PF-006MMTB-IO-P: Provo Fiber 6F 50 MM OM3 T/B OFNP I/O Dist. FT-6 – Black
Multi-Mode 50μm OM3 10GIG
Number of Fibers6
Cable OD in. (mm)0.200 (4.6)
Weight lb/1000ft (kg/km)18 (27)
Maximum Attenuation dB/km850 nm3.0
1300 nm1.0
1310 nmN/A
1550 nmN/A
Overfill Launch Min Bandwidth (MHz-km)850 nm1500
1300 nm500
EMBc (MHz-km)2000
Gigabit Ethernet Minimum Link Distance (Meters)850 nm1000
1300 nm550
10 Gigabit Ethernet Minimum Link Distance (Meters)850 nm300
1300 nm
Maximum Tensile LoadInstallation1610N/362lbf
Long Term535N/120lbf
Minimum Bending RadiusLoaded20 x Diameter
Unloaded10 x Diameter
Crush Resistance100 N/cm
Impact Resistance (min.)25 Impacts
Flexing ± 90° (min.)25 Cycles
Temperature RatingOperation-20°C to +85°C
Installation0°C to +75°C
Storage-40°C to +85°C


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